Bamba Forge is a unique combination between Tim's passion for knife making and his heart to see people in underdeveloped countries live up to their full potential and step out of poverty. Part of them living to their full potential involves learning the skills necessary to develop into intelligent and productive adults—this is where knife making comes into play.

We have partnered with knivesshipfree.com to sell these unique knives! We hand carry them back from Uganda, finish them back in the States, and now will be selling them through this partnership. The stock will vary but visit the shop page to keep up-to-date on what currently is in stock!


Tim often travels to Uganda to teach the art of knife making to the locals. It is our vision with Bamba Forge to continue to expand our reach and network while positively effecting more life's in surrounding areas. We want our relationship with the people of Uganda to help advanced their communities and create opportunities for people who wouldn't have hope otherwise.